• Nature

    Tsukazaki Giant Camphor Tree

    You may have noticed that the logo for Kimotsuki Connection is a tree with a heart-shaped hole in the center. In fact this is a real tree located in Kimotsuki Town. Tsukazaki Giant Camphor Tree is 130…> Read more

  • Nature

    Four Seasons

    Japan is a place with a distinct four seasons. In the spring vivid, almost neon green leaves start to pop out of the trees. You can also enjoy a picnic under pink and white cherry blossoms.If …> Read more

  • Nature


    The area called Kawakami, which means top of the river, is the somewhat isolated part of Kimotsuki on the inland side of the Kunimi Mountains.As you make your way from downtown Kimotsuki to Kawaka…> Read more

  • Nature


    Hami is the name of several small communities located in the east of Kimotsuki Town. Hami’s fishing port, at the south of Shibushi Bay, was once the base for Japanese pirates who raided the Chinese co…> Read more

  • Nature


    Todoro Falls is a popular summer hangout for school children and young people. The source of the waterfalls starts high up in the Kunimi Mountain Range and flows into the Shibushi Bay through Kimotsuk…> Read more

  • Nature

    Hetsuka Beach

    Hetsuka Beach is the most beautiful and isolated beach in Kimotsuki and arguably in all of Ohsumi Peninsula. Located in the remote coastal area in the south, the small community is nestled between mou…> Read more

  • Nature

    Kunimi Mountain Range

    Separating the coastal and plains regions of Kimotsuki Town is the Kunimi Mountain Range. One of the best drives in the area takes you through a sleepy mountain community, and snakes over the mountain…> Read more

  • Nature

    Uchinoura & Kishira

    Uchinoura is a vibrant fishing town, so you are guaranteed the freshest sushi and sashimi at one of the local restaurants such as Amimoto. The beach is nice and during the summer you can see biolumine…> Read more

  • Culture

    New Year’s Festivals

    Japanese new year’s holiday is pretty much equivalent to Christmas holiday in the West. Like in the West, it is a special time of year in which family members reunite. In Kimotsuki we have some festiv…> Read more

  • Culture


    Every summer in the coastal village of Kishira in Kimotsuki Town there is a Shinto ceremony called “Nagoshi-don” or “the passing of the summer festival” in local dialect. It is rather rare and unusual…> Read more

  • Culture

    Shrines & Temples

    Religion in Japan has a long and complex history. Most people incorporate aspects of the native Shinto and imported Buddhism. This kind of syncretism started in the 6th century, when Buddhism was intr…> Read more

  • Culture

    Rice Field Gods

    Rice field gods, known as Ta-no-kamisama or Ta-no-kansaa in the local dialect, are stone statues that stand guard over the fields, and serve as a symbol of fertility.Rice growing has long been con…> Read more

  • Culture

    Koyama Castle

    Koyama was once a castle town of the Kimotsuki Clan, who had ruled most of Ohsumi region for nearly 600 years before surrendering to the Shimadzu clan of Satsuma in late 16th century.About a ten-m…> Read more

  • Culture

    Spring Festivals

    Spring has a special status in Japanese tradition and psyche as it represents a new beginning. That sentiment is reflected by the fact that the Japanese schools and businesses start their new year in …> Read more

  • Culture

    Doryuji Temple

    Doryuji Temple is said to have been built in 1243 during the Kamakura period by a Chinese Zen Buddhist monk named “Rankei-Doryu.” This Zen master from South Song Dynasty subsequently went to Kamakura,…> Read more

  • Food


    To be honest, being a relatively small town, Kimotsuki does not have any fancy upscale restaurants like in other big cities. Most of our restaurants are for local people except for a few really great …> Read more

  • Food


    Traditionally rice has had a special place in Japanese culture and in people’s mind. You might as well say that it is the soul of Japan.Though in recent decades, the consumption of rice has decrea…> Read more

  • Food

    Kagoshima Black Pork and Beef

    In Satsuma, now Kagoshima, eating pork was nothing special, calling the pork a “walking vegetable.” That was rarity in other regions. It is said that soldiers of Satsuma took pigs even to a battlefiel…> Read more

  • Food

    Sweet Potato

    Originally imported from China through Okinawa, sweet potato is called “Kara-imo” or “potato from China” here in Kagoshima, but in the rest of Japan is called “Satsuma-imo” which literally means “pota…> Read more

  • Food


    When you hear the word “Japanese food or cuisine,” the chances are that you think of fresh seafood, including Sashimi or raw fish. Seafood is also what you eat at a Sushi restaurant.When it comes …> Read more

  • Food


    When it comes to local alcoholic beverages, Kagoshima is synonymous with Shochu, a distilled liquor made from locally grown sweet potatoes.Shochu is stronger than sake (which is made from rice) or…> Read more

  • Food


    Wagashi, Japanese sweets, are usually made from plant ingredients, therefore not too sweet like their Western counterparts. They are pretty healthy in fact, as long as you do not eat too much, of cour…> Read more

  • Lifestyle


    Being an agrarian society, life in Kimotsuki is characterized by tightly-knit community among residents. Their life revolves around the community they belong to.The first and foremost is the one b…> Read more

  • Lifestyle


    People in Kimotsuki are basically country folks with typical southern hospitality and somewhat laid-back attitude in life. They are both curious about and open to visitors from outside, so when you co…> Read more

  • Lifestyle


    Due to lack of natural resources, Japan has become one of the most Eco-friendly nations on earth by necessity, whose recycling system is said to date back to Edo period which lasted from the early 17t…> Read more

  • Activities

    Day Trips

    The Kirishima Mountains are about a two hour drive from Kimotsuki Town. According to Japanese mythology, it was here that the grandson of the sun-goddess descended from heaven to rule over the earth a…> Read more

  • Activities


    There are two main scenic drives in Kimotsuki Town. One is along the Pacific coast, and the other is over the Kunimi Mountains.The coastal drive starts from Hami, at the mouth of the  Kimotsuki Ri…> Read more

  • Activities

    Biking & Jogging

    For bike-lovers and jogging-lovers, Kimotsuki could be a paradise.For bikers, there are several recommended routes on the river banks, through the mountains, and along the coast lines. Each route …> Read more

  • Tips

    In the Home

    Here we would like to introduce a few examples of etiquette as well as some features unique to a Japanese home.1. EnteringSome of you may know already, when you enter a house in Japan, you are…> Read more

Welcome to Kimotsuki

This website serves as a guide to exploring Kimotsuki Town, located in the pristine countryside of southern Japan. If you are looking to experience the roots of Japanese culture, away from flocks of tourists, so that you can make a real connection with the local people, while enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature, you’ve come to the right place.

What's New

JAXA Epsilon 3 Rocket Launch 01/18/2018

Although Epsilon3 was originally supposed to launched on 01/11/2018, JAXA has extended the date to 01/18/2018 (THURS) !!! It will be launched from the Uchinoura Space Station in Kimotsuki. Epsilon-3 will launch at 6:06AM.
Be sure to come early because there will be traffic, and parking will f… Read more


Kimotsuki has a diverse landscape, ranging from vast expanses of rice fields that fill up with water in the rainy season and reflect the blue sky, to towering mountains that are home to monkeys and wild boar, to flowing waterfalls and rivers, to white beaches.


As a result of globalization, much of traditional Japanese culture is fading away in the big cities. However, it lives on in rural communities. From the 900 year old horseback archery festival to the ruins of a samurai castle, Kimotsuki Town...


With a healthy diet based on eating seasonal foods, in tune with the natural cycle of availability, and comprised of locally grown rice, fruits and vegetables, and fish, it is no wonder that the Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies on the planet.


Take a look into the daily lives of some of our town's people. Although the technology has changed, most of the people of Kimotsuki have been essentially living the same way for generation after generation, from the home, to the field, to the fishing boat.


In this section we highlight some of the things you can do while enjoying the great outdoors and seeing the various historical and cultural sites. We also highlight some of the best places in the surrounding area to visit on a short drive from Kimotsuki Town.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a YouTube clip is worth 30 times that per second. Sit back and enjoy all that Kimotsuki Town has to offer in our Video archive, featuring some breathtaking aerial footage and original music inspired by our town.


Visiting a foreign country with a different language and culture can be intimidating at first, but with a little knowledge of the local customs, you can make your stay much more enjoyable for everyone. Here we give some tips on language and general etiquette.


Besides giving the periodic update to local news and events, this section provides first hand testimonials from people who visited. See what others have to say about their experience and how they made a memorable connection with Kimotsuki Town and its people.