2017: New Year, New BEGINNINGS!

Even though it’s a month late, Happy New Year Everybody!
2017 is going to be a great year!

After being tossed aside for the past 2 years, we have decided to revive this site and put it to good use, in promoting internationalization by bringing you town information & news in English. You may have already noticed, since we started updating again in December for the big Epsilon Rocket launch.
Most of the technical bugs have been fixed, and is up-and-running 100% now.

Here are a few UPDATES on what’s been going on in Kimotsuki!

Kimotsuki kicked off the year with their annual Doya-doya-saa festival in Uchinoura! It was yet another year of fun festivities, including the competitive 12-way tug-of-war with the tree ultimately falling in the January direction!


On January 15th, the SS-520 observation rocket was launched from the Uchinoura Space Center at 8:33AM. Over a thousand spectators waited in anticipation as they shivered in 2 degree Celsius temperatures. It was initially supposed to be launched on January 11th, but was postponed due to strong winds, and unfavorable weather conditions.
The mini rocket was launched as planned, but unfortunately after the first stage of the launch, JAXA was unable to receive data back from the rocket, preventing them from proceeding into the second stage causing it to fall back to Earth. Though it was unsuccessful in the end, JAXA was still able to retrieve a little bit of data, and the crowds were cheering; having a good time overall.


Lastly, the Kimotsuki Board of Education hosted their first ever English Camp for middle school students. The camp was held in Uchinoura from January 28th through the 29th, at the Galaxy Arena (Uchinoura community/event center). With the help of a few American English teachers, and other English fluent staff, the camp started with a few  words from the town Mayor, Kazuyuki Nagano.
The two day camp was constructed to increase speaking skill, and motor skills, while listening to native pronunciations from the Americans instructors. Activities such as interview games, apples-to-apples (to increase vocabulary), cooking, and sports for kinesthetic learning were organized over the 2 day period. “It was hard, but my favorite part was cooking and the English movie!” says one student. Overall, the camp seemed to have left a positive impression on the students, and expect an increase in participants as this initiative carries on.