2017 Spring Eggane Bowl Festival!

Spring is among us, and the festivities are just around the corner!
But before that, stop by the Eggane (Spiny Lobster) Bowl Festival & The Ebine Flower Exhibition!

When: April 22nd ~ 30th, 2017
Where: Uchinoura district inside Kimotsuki-town
(refer to the map below for more guidance)
Price: 2700 yen

This is the perfect festival for you foodies that want to try authentic Japanese cuisine, fresh off the boat! There will be 6 restaurants participating, and all with their own special rice bowl recipe using Eggane. On top of being able to eat delicious lobsters prepared by veteran chiefs with years of experience in culinary mastery, you can also buy Eggane (whole) if you’re a magician in the kitchen as well!

(*) Lodging Available

What’s Spring without beautiful flowers right?! Don’t miss this chance to go to the Ebine Flower Exhibition! Over 1000 beautifully arranged Ebine Flowers will be on display. These rare flowers are retailed at 11man (approx. $11,000) depending on the variety, but will be available for purchase from as low as 500 yen (approx. $5). So take this opportunity to visit the Shioji Garden, and buy one at a special price only available in Kimotsuki!
When: April 7th ~ 23rd, 2017
Open: 9:30am ~ 4:00pm  (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Where: Shioji Garden, Uchinoura

Here’s the BEST part! Not only do you get to eat delicious food, and see beautiful flowers, but by exploring around Uchinoura you get the chance to win a special prize! Don’t miss out on the stamp rally, where you could be a lucky winner just for going to this festival. Get to know this fishing town, and all its wonders.

For more information please contact the Kimotsuki Tourism Association at 0994-67-2888, or for English Inquiries please contact this website Kimotsuki Connection directly though the Contact tab up top.
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