Access & Map

After arriving at one of the international airports in Japan, such as Narita or Kansai, you can take a domestic flight to Kagoshima Airport. We recommend that you rent a car at Kagoshima airport, since the limousine bus does not go all the way to Kimotsuki Town.

Since you will not be familiar with the geography of the area, It will take about two hours to drive from the airport to Kimotsuki even though most rental cars include the car navigation system with English support. Also, most road signs throughout Japan are written in both Japanese and English.

An alternate method of getting here is to take the bullet train to Kagoshima Central Station in Kagoshima City, and then use the public transportation to make your way. You will need to take a ferry to come over to the Oosumi Peninsula. After taking the ferry, you need to take a bus or rent a car to get to Kimotsuki.

*This method is more complicated and requires more Japanese language skills.

On top of directions to Kimotsuki, we are in the process of adding pins to locations we think are useful for your wonderful visit to this historic town! Check it out below!