Day Trips

The Kirishima Mountains are about a two hour drive from Kimotsuki Town. According to Japanese mythology, it was here that the grandson of the sun-goddess descended from heaven to rule over the earth and establish the lineage of Japanese emperors. Kirishima-jingu shrine is dedicated to this story. From the shrine it’s another thirty minute drive past the active Shinomoe-dake volcano to Onamino-ike Lake. After the drive it’s a forty minute hike up to the top of the crater lake, and any time of year, you’re in for a breathtaking view.

Aira Sanryo is said to be the tomb of the parents of the first emperor of Japan, Jimmu. A place of serenity deep in the forest, it is both the geographical and spiritual center of Ohsumi Peninsula. From Kimotsuki Town it’s about a 15 minute drive southwest.

Sakurajima, pictured at top, is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It erupts daily, sometimes spewing out ash clouds 4 or 5 times a day. It is located at the north of Kinko Bay. From Kimotsuki town it’s about an hour drive.

Kamikawa Waterfall Park has the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Ohsumi Peninsula.