Kagoshima Black Pork and Beef

In Satsuma, now Kagoshima, eating pork was nothing special, calling the pork a “walking vegetable.” That was rarity in other regions. It is said that soldiers of Satsuma took pigs even to a battlefield. That shows how much they loved the meat.

That being the case, people in Satsuma were keen on producing a good quality pork for their consumption, cross-breeding with pigs from other regions such as Okinawa and the West.

Such historical efforts have resulted in Kagoshima Black Pork (Kuro-buta), defined as “pork of the pure Birkshire breed raised in Kagoshima.” It was trade-marked in 1999, and is sometimes referred to as “black diamond” or “Treasure of Kagoshima, “claiming a premium price in the domestic pork market.

Kagoshima Black Pigs

Kagoshima Black Pigs

In addition to black pork, we have black beef as well. Trade-marked in 1997, Kagoshima Black Beef (Kuro-ushi), according to a prestigious research survey, it ranked number 3 among Japan’s top beef brands right after Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef.

While accounting for roughly 20% of black beef production in Japan, Kagoshima Black Beef is renowned for its beautifully marbled meat and its rich taste.

If you are a meat-lover, both our pork and beef are something that you can not miss!