To be honest, being a relatively small town, Kimotsuki does not have any fancy upscale restaurants like in other big cities. Most of our restaurants are for local people except for a few really great ones which are often visited by people from other towns and cities.

It doesn’t mean, however, that our local restaurants do not have the quality that will be appreciated by visitors from other countries. Since Kimotsuki is sitting in the middle of one of the nation’s prime food production centers, we take pride in our foodstuffs which are safe and of high-quality.

Using such good ingredients, our local restaurants serve all sorts of cuisine, including Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, to name a few. It is the kind of authentic Japanese food that you will enjoy and appreciate.

Here we’d like to introduce a few of our local restaurants.

1. Amimoto in Uchinoura

Amimoto is probably one of the most well known restaurants in Kimotsuki, serving excellent seafood fresh out of the Uchinoura fishing port which is closeby. You can have a great Sashimi set lunch, for instance, at a very reasonable price.

Sashimi lunch set at Amimoto

Sashimi lunch set at Amimoto

2.  Okomeya Kitchen in Koyama

Okomeya means rice shop. The restaurant is a former warehouse of rice, renovated a few years ago. As the name indicates, they serve excellent rice along with fish, meat, and vegetables according to each season. It is open mainly for lunch, but can be visited by a group of people for dinner on a reservation basis.

Daily lunch set at Okomeya Kitchen

Daily lunch set at Okomeya Kitchen

3. Yonezawa Shokudo in Koyama

Yonezawa Shokudo is a very special restaurant in terms of its facade and taste. It retains an air of the old restaurants of the bygone era, more specifically of the 1970s. Both its taste and the price are almost legendary as it is widely revered and publicized outside of the town. The most favorite menu is fried fish lunch. You’d be amazed by its volume, taste, and price. No place serves such a good lunch for just 5 US dollars!

The legendary fried fish lunch

The legendary fried fish lunch at Yonezawa