Traditionally rice has had a special place in Japanese culture and in people’s mind. You might as well say that it is the soul of Japan.

Though in recent decades, the consumption of rice has decreased as Japanese eating habit has become more Westernized, it is still predominantly the staple of our food. The rice is grown practically everywhere in Japan, including Kimotsuki.

The rice in Kimotsuki, however, is a little different from other regions. Being called the early-harvest rice, it is planted in late March and harvested in July, two to three months earlier than in other regions due to warm weather as Kimotsuki is located in the south of Japan.

So if you come in late March to early April, you’ll have a chance to witness rice planting. Likewise, if you come in July to August, you’ll see the rice harvesting. Watching those rice-related activities in the fields may give you a chance to reflect upon the rice’s significance in Japanese culture and psyche.