When you hear the word “Japanese food or cuisine,” the chances are that you think of fresh seafood, including Sashimi or raw fish. Seafood is also what you eat at a Sushi restaurant.

When it comes to seafood, Kimotsuki has got one of the best fishing ports in the whole Ohsumi region. That fishing port is Uchinoura. The fish caught and brought to the port is considered to be of high quality, therefore enjoying a premium in the market.


Besides fish, Uchinoura is renowned for its lobster. To celebrate the catch, it even has lobster festivals in both spring and fall. Lots of people from all over the region as well as such far places as Fukuoka in northern Kyushu come here to have the taste of fresh lobster.

There are several well-know restaurants in Uchinoura, which serve fresh sashimi together with other seafood at a very reasonable price. We guarantee a high-degree of gastronomical experience for all visitors at such restaurants.

In addition, Uchinoura and other surrounding areas are also good for fishing. If you like fishing, you can enjoy it either on a white rock along the coast or in a fishing boat rented out by a local fisherman. Eating the fish you caught will no doubt add an extra pleasure to your stay in Kimotsuki.