Hello world!

We are proud to announce the launch of our website, Kimotsuki Connection.

Kimotsuki Connection is produced and run by a non-profit organization based in Kimotsuki Town of Kagoshima in the deep south of Japan. It is a gateway to rural beauties and life of southern Japan, which has not yet been introduced to the outside world.

With rich content, interesting stories, and beautiful photos and videos, we hope that you’ll come to like our town and someday wish to visit here.

Especially, if you are looking for a kind of tourist destination different from conventional ones, we believe we’ve got the right stuff for you. Our town has never been a major tourist destination in the past, so what you will find here will be an ordinary, therefore authentic face of Japan, or the roots of Japan, you might say.

Hopefully through our website, you’ll come to see and discover the kind of Japan that has not been familiarized by the peoples outside Japan.

So explore and enjoy!