JAXA Epsilon 3 Rocket Launch 01/18/2018

Although Epsilon3 was originally supposed to launched on 01/11/2018, JAXA has extended the date to 01/18/2018 (THURS) !!! It will be launched from the Uchinoura Space Station in Kimotsuki. Epsilon-3 will launch at 6:06AM.
Be sure to come early because there will be traffic, and parking will fill up fast.


During the first launch of the epsilon rocket in 2013, the number of visitors exceeded expectations, causing heavy traffic jams that obstructed emergency vehicles from passing.

Please prepare for large crowds and heavy traffic, as we are expecting visitors to start arriving as early as 12AM. The deadline for the pre-lottery admission into the Miyabaru rocket observatory has ENDED. In addition, please note that the locations other than the Miyabaru rocket observatory are not a lottery system, and are open to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis. Also, Route 448 will CLOSE at approx. 3:00AM, three hours before the launch of the rocket from 3 a.m. ~ 7 a.m.; passage will NOT be possible during that time.

· On the planned launch date, temperatures will be low. We ask that everybody prepare against the cold weather, and bring a flashlight.
· Each parking lot is scheduled to open at 12 a.m., but may open earlier depending on the situation.
· The general public is prohibited from entering the press/media access area.
· The [Example Images] posted at each observation site is only a reference, it does not guarantee how it the rocket will actually look. The actual launch will be at night.
· Make sure to take countermeasures against insects and weather.
· All lights will be turned off for about several minutes before and after the launch. Please be careful of your step, and keep your children close.
· Please bring a flashlight, as it will be dark, even with the lighting at the site and parking lots.
· We will accept group buses near Uchinoura fishing port. Please contact us in advance if you plan to secure space. (The group bus will be 3,000 yen per unit as an operational fee)

Miyabaru Rocket Observation SiteMiyabaru rocket observation site

Miyahara rocket observation site

This is the Miyabaru rocket observation site, the only place where the actual launch point can be seen.

The distance from the elevation point: about 2.8km
General visitor number: about 2,000
Transportation: shuttle bus only (lottery)
(Lottery-winners will all have to pay an administrative fee of 2,000 yen, on top of the shuttle bus fare from each depot)
Toilet: Yes
Map: see in google map
Example Image: Part 1
Lottery Application Deadline:  01/09/2018  (CLOSED)

Uchinoura Fishing Port
2. Uchinoura Fishing Port

Uchinoura fishing port

This is the Uchinoura fishing port which is one of the leading vessel unloading ports in the Kagoshima prefecture.

The distance from the elevation point: about 3km
Parking Space: about 850 units (no lottery)
Administrative fee: 300 yen per car / 3,000 yen per bus (pay again when exit & re-entry)
Toilet: Yes
Map: see in google map
Alternative Parking: Uchinoura elementary school can park 250 cars (Free Parking)
Uchinoura junior high school can park 200 cars (Free Parking)
Uchinoura Galaxy Arena can park 50 cars (Free Parking)

※ Direct launch point cannot be seen ( View in Google Maps )
Example Image: Part 1 , Part 2

Kishira Coast


Kishi coast

The contrasting white sand beach and the azure ocean make up the beauty of Kishira Coast.
The 20th century FOX  Movie「はやぶさ/HAYABUSA」、Shochiku 「Welcome back, Hayabusa」 was filmed at this location.

Cars will need to be parallel parked. Once vehicles that have been parked, departure will be restricted until the launch is completed. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The distance from the elevation point: about 8km
Parking Space: about 100 units (no lottery)
Toilet: Yes
Map: see in google map
Alternative Parking 1: Kishira elementary school can park 150 cars (Free Parking)
Kishira junior high school can park 200 cars (Free Parking)

※ Direct launch point cannot be seen
( View in Google Maps )
Example Image: Part 1

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