Being an agrarian society, life in Kimotsuki is characterized by tightly-knit community among residents. Their life revolves around the community they belong to.

The first and foremost is the one based upon the area of residence. Though these days not all belong to a community group, most people do belong to such a group. It is basically a community-wide organization to help one another in the group. Each year a leader is selected and he or she becomes responsible for disseminating information, collecting various fees, and visiting members’ houses.

There are other communities that locals belong to such as school, company, sports, or hobby based. Through these communities, they enjoy interaction among members and receive help when it is needed.


Some adult males belong to a local fire squad who are the first ones to arrive at the fire before the professional firemen arrive. It is basically a volunteer organization with each member having his own profession. Members are summoned up whenever there is a fire in their own community.

As compared with big cities, the communal spirit to help one another is still strong in rural areas. To feel that spirit yourself, you might want to join such communal activities as cutting grass, cleaning the neighborhood, or festivals and drinking sessions. If you are from a big city where such a communal spirit is hard to find, you might find it here pretty refreshing and rewarding.