People in Kimotsuki are basically country folks with typical southern hospitality and somewhat laid-back attitude in life. They are both curious about and open to visitors from outside, so when you come to our town, you are sure to be greeted by their curiosity and friendly smile.

Besides those general characteristics, we should mention the fact that Kimotsuki is one of the most rapidly aging towns in Japan. Therefore you are bound to see lots of old people no matter where you go, especially in remote communities in the mountains or near the beach where, if you are lucky, you will be greeted by the old people and invited to their houses for a cup of tea, local sweets, and some pickled vegetables.

One of our small communities where the majority is the elderly

One of our small communities where the majority is the elderly

Another feature of our people, which might surprise visitors, is exchange of greetings on the streets, either in downtown area or on country roads along the rice paddies. Unlike Japan’s big cities where people do not greet each other, our people, including school children, will very likely say hello and bow to those they encounter on the streets. Which could be a pleasant experience to visitors from big cities.

So when you visit Kimotsuki, please feel free to say hello to local people. They will for sure greet you back with their wonderful smile and “Kon-nichi-wa! (Hello or Good Afternoon).”