The area called Kawakami, which means top of the river, is the somewhat isolated part of Kimotsuki on the inland side of the Kunimi Mountains.

As you make your way from downtown Kimotsuki to Kawakami, you truly get a sense that you are going into the mountains. The first thing that you will notice as you wind your way along the road, is a series of beautiful views of the river, as well as some terraced rice fields.


After awhile you will come upon a small community. Here, hidden at the bottom of a hill behind the school yard of a now closed junior high school you will find Katano Falls and Iwaya Falls.

There is a trail around the school to see the waterfalls and walk through the woods that we highly recommend you to take.

Kawakami River

Walking on a trail brings you to many scenic spots in Kawakami like this one

As you drive higher into the mountains, you can get a great view of Kimotsuki, and on clear day, you can even see Kinko Bay. If you continue over the mountains, you will eventually reach the coastal community of Kishira. From here you continue south to Hetsuka Beach or north to Uchinoura and eventually back to where you started.

Kawakami Junior High School

Former Kawakami Junior High School