Spring Events in Kimotsuki

The spring cherry blossoms have finished flowering, and the days are growing longer. Going into May, Kimotsuki has become a lot more like summer. Today, we’ll be covering various events that you may or may not have missed throughout April 2017!

April 1st, 2nd / The 44th Sagamihara Sakura Festival

Sagamihara city in Kanagawa pref. and our town, Kimotsuki, have continued a friendly relationship for many years.
Both regions have JAXA facilities within their town, and have bonded over that similarity.
Every year, we sell local products at each other’s events, and participate in youth exchange programs.

This year, our town participated in Sagamihara Sakura Festival.
Due to the cold weather, the cherry blossoms were late to bloom, and there seemed to be fewer visitors than usual. However, some products from Kimotsuki such as the “Satsuma-age” and “Hetsuka daidai juice & soda” were popular among the visitors who did show up.

Even though the festival has ended, you can still purchase local products from Kimotsuki at the “Sagamix” shop in Sagamihara. If you’re ever in the area, please stop by, and check it out!


April 9th / Tekoten Cherry-blossom Party

A cherry blossom tree called “Tekoten Sakura” in the southern part of Kimotsuki displayed beautiful, pure white, cherry blossoms. The tree stands alone on a lush mountain, looking down at the Tankan mandarin field. Usually, it is always in full bloom by the end of March, but this year it was delayed because of cold weather. However, when the cherry blossom was in full bloom this April, tourists and locals all came together to witness its stunning beauty.


April 15th / Morning Fish Market in Koyama
4月15日/高山漁協 朝どれ市

Every 3rd Sunday of every month, the Koyama fishery cooperative (Suzure-ishi fishing port) organize a morning fish market, starting at 10:00am. You can purchase seafood, fresh from the waters that morning, and It’s so popular that customers start lining up 30 minutes before opening.
Next to the fish market, the vegetable shop run by the local ladies is also a must-see!


April 22th-30th / Spring Eggane Bowl Festival

Spring Eggane Bowl Festival is an annual event in Kimotsuki.
In our town, you can catch a lot of Eggane (Spiny Lobsters), which is a delicacy in Japan.
This festival is famous for the quality and affordability of eating spiny lobsters.
This year, 6 shops participated, and prepared various kinds of Eggane Bowls in sashimi and tempura form. It was delicious!
Click here for details!


April 29th / Shibushi Oshaka Festival

Located about 40 minutes away from Kimotsuki, our neighboring town of Shibushi held their annual Oshaka Festival. “Oshaka” refers to Buddha, and it’s a festival celebrating his birth.
Every year, Kimotsuki’s Town Tourism Association sets up a booth to sells local products.
This year, we sold cheesecakes from Cafe Siesta, and handmade sweets by Kishira Otome Kobo.


There were a bunch events in April, not only inside the town but outside as well.
Even though there won’t be as many events in May, we recommend you to take a drive around Kimotsuki for its beautiful scenery with green mountains, blue sea, and sandy beaches, before going into the rainy season!